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Two color matching methods for stretch film

Stretch films are now widely used in our lives and work. The stretch films we see are generally colorless and transparent, but when we use them, we have also noticed that many stretch films will also have other Color, stretch film has many colors, different uses are used to use different colors, so the color matching process is an important process in the production of stretch film.

1. Visual color matching: For color matching personnel who are experienced in stretching films, before color matching, they must have a clearer concept of the colorant they need, and master the general law of coloring in mixed coloring. Have a clear understanding of the performance of the colorants used, and have accumulated a lot of representative plastics. The visual color matching method is a good trial method, but it is not very scientific, so it is only applicable and simple. Color matching, but also requires operators to have rich color matching experience, otherwise it will be difficult to operate.

2. Instrument color matching: The method of using an instrument to match the color of the stretch film is actually a method derived from the visual color matching process. This method uses a photometer and other measuring instruments to replace the human eye and brain. The function of color ratio, the trial process of color ratio is also carried out by computer simulation, without the actual mixed use of coloring plastics, and the operator only needs to measure the reflectance, which is its standard value, and choose to use it. Color-matched pigments are enough. By adjusting the concentration of color-matching pigments, the conversion value of the measurement system is consistent with the standard. If the operator chooses reasonable, the system will output a formula in the form of mass score, and then According to this formula, it is converted into a mass ratio.

Post time: May-07-2021