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Village enterprises celebrate the Chinese New Year together and carry out visits to the elderly

"Parents-in-laws, everybody, stand in line, one meter apart, we all have a share, don't worry..." On the afternoon of February 3, Shaogangtou Village Committee, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, joined two caring enterprises to carry out the " Keeping the original aspiration and assuming the mission, the village and enterprises celebrate the Spring Festival with one heart. The 238 elders in Shaogangtou Village, Qiaotou Town, have their New Year greetings.

Yesterday, the reporter saw in front of the Comprehensive Service Center of Shaogangtou Village that local residents in Shaogangtou Village, women over 50 years old, and men over 60 years old, were queuing to receive condolences (a bucket of oil and A bag of rice), social workers and staff are on-site to maintain order. After receiving the rice and oil, the parents-in-law showed a happy smile on their faces.

In addition to distributing condolences on the spot, the village enterprise condolences team also divided into ten groups and went to the homes of some elderly people with limited mobility and living alone, and delivered the condolences to them. They also urged them to take care of their bodies and wish them the Spring Festival. happy.

An elder at the scene told reporters: "We are preparing for the New Year. The company is so willing to give us fuel and rice. I am very happy."

It is understood that this condolences event was sponsored by Dongguan Xinhong Guanye Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Deren Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. They paid and contributed. The boss personally led the employees to send New Year greetings to the elderly.

Tan Deren, the owner of Dongguan Xinhong Guanye Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters: "Because our company has always been a caring company, we also always pay attention to caring for the elderly. We mean that the company is doing something to give back to the society. We encourage Our employees often visit and care for the elderly."

Shaogangtou Village Committee is responsible for expressing that through this sympathy activity, the elders will feel the care from the community and the big family such as enterprises on the occasion of the Spring Festival, and promote the traditional virtues of respecting and loving the old by the bridgehead people. .

Post time: May-19-2021