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How to avoid damage to goods due to winding film problems in logistics

From the production, packaging, logistics, and shelf processes of commodities, we put more energy into the products and their packaging. Therefore, we paid less attention to the transportation, logistics and packaging links, and almost passed this responsibility to the contracting logistics company. However, according to relevant statistics, due to improper packaging, the proportion of goods damaged in the logistics and transportation links is as high as 4%, and a large part of the goods are rejected. In cargo transportation, whether it is ship or land transportation, the proportion of pallet transportation is very high. Today we are discussing how to avoid damage to the transported goods due to the wrong wrapping film on the pallet. Therefore, ensuring the stability during transportation is the key , And the best pallet stability means less damage to the load, fewer accidents and the lowest logistics cost.

First of all, use stretch wrap film correctly

The commonly used method of stabilizing the pallet in logistics is to wrap the pallet with stretch film to ensure that the wrapped goods can remain upright on the pallet. During the transportation process, the speed of the transportation tool will affect the swing of the wrapped object on the pallet. For example, in the process of land transportation, when the transport vehicle accelerates and decelerates, especially when it stops in an emergency, it will suddenly produce an instantaneous impulse. At this time, the pallet will bear a considerable weight, up to 50% of the weight of the cargo. %. If the quality of the selected stretch film is wrong or the type of stretch film is incorrect, it will affect the stability of the goods on the pallet, and a greater probability will cause the pallet to turn over and damage the goods.
Generally, stretch stretch film is divided into manual stretch film, pre-stretch stretch film and machine stretch film. The stretch properties of different stretch films and the targeted wrappers are very different. Therefore, choosing a suitable high-quality stretch film is a guarantee for transportation safety.

Secondly, the correct choice of stretch winding equipment

Choosing the correct stretch film must have the correct packaging machine to match it, and before the machine works, professional technicians must set the stretching parameters of the machine. Although the machine manufacturer is familiar with the equipment, because of the difference in the application scenarios of the stretch film, the equipment manufacturer uses the standard procedure when the equipment leaves the factory, that is, when the packaging is wrapped, the stretch film is not stretched at the same time. Therefore, the technical staff can set relevant parameters suitable for specific packaging requirements through the characteristics of the package and the tray.

Finally, use the correct winding method

Another very important consideration is that the cargo connection must be secured to the pallet. Therefore, when the wrapping film is finished wrapping the goods, it is necessary to manually curl the stretch film upward to form a film rope, which is then wound on the pallet base. In this way, you can ensure that the goods always stand upright on the pallet. Because the film rope is required to wind and fix the goods and the pallet, the packaging machine cannot effectively handle it. In the packaging process, manual participation is required, but this link is indispensable.

As a thin film simulation intelligent formula system, Membrane can optimize the film formula in the system according to different technical requirements of stretch film, and quantify the performance of each index of the film. Enables you to achieve the best pallet packaging to avoid pallet tipping and cargo damage during transportation.